RF Propagation & Network Planning

Radio frequency (RF) propagation describes the behaviour of radio waves as they move from one point to another. Like other types of waves, they are subject to phenomena including refraction, reflection, scattering, diffraction and absorption – and all of these can have an impact on how clearly and reliably those waves are transmitted.

An in-depth understanding of RF propagation is one of the essential building blocks of effective network planning. Also crucial is an awareness of the evolving standards and protocols that shape the communications landscape, such as MPT1327, POCSAG and TETRA.

Simoco Wireless Solutions has an unrivalled history of innovation in mission-critical communications, from developing military-grade radio communications in the years prior to the Second World War, to developing our own Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) network – Simoco Xd. As such, the knowledge and experience we bring to bear on network planning for our customers is second to none.