Simoco's global reputation is built on the quality of our solutions and our ability to work with expert partners to deliver solutions that support our customers' operations.

Partners include those who develop applications on our systems, those who provide complementary hardware for Simoco systems and those who resell our equipment as part of a wider solution.

Become an Application Partner

Simoco has a long history of developing IP connected solutions to support customer requirements.

Our solutions partners contribute essential elements of our offering to customers. If you are an application developer and would like to know more about the opportunities for partnership with Simoco, please contact us.

Become a Channel Partner

Simoco partners are known for their expertise in delivering mobile radio solutions around the world. Through our partnerships and our heritage in professional communications we aim to become the world’s most successful mobile radio company through innovation, integrity and teamwork.

Partners benefit from training and marketing support which helps them to maintain a high standard of service to their end customers, in support of Simoco solutions. Simoco is investing in improving our worldwide support for partners and building a strong, effective network. For more details of our support programme, please contact us.