Watch our corporate video which explains how Simoco Wireless Solutions helps provide cutting edge technology to organisations looking to improve their operations through effective communications.

IP Architecture

How Simoco Xd’s fully distributed IP architecture enables cost-effective, scalable and reliable radio communications

Reliable communications for the mining industry through confined space engineering expertise

Flawless connectivity over and underground for the mining sector


Secure voice and data communications for the transport sector


Effective fleet management for national and global organisations

Simoco Push

Push-to-talk technology for seamless smartphone integration



We deliver innovative wireless solutions to customers around the world who depend upon our expertise to support their mission critical communication needs.


Simoco Wireless Solutions specialises in building communications networks for sectors where reliability, integrity and clarity are paramount, from utilities to government, public safety to transport.


We help utilities companies develop smart grids, driving efficiencies and delivering innovative new services to customers.


We keep roads, railways and airports moving, with sophisticated communications networks that help mobile and remote workforces work together smoothly.

Government and Infrastructure

From central and local government through to healthcare and public venues, we work across a vast array of public sector organisations, helping them communicate, collaborate and create.

Public Safety

Blue light and voluntary services need clear, reliable communications as a matter of life and death. We deliver them.

Improving your organisation's efficiency with our Consultancy offering

Business & IT Transformation Services

Ensure that change projects in your organisation are smooth and strategic.

Project Assurance and Project Services

Take the pain out of managing major technology projects, from design, through delivery to evaluation and beyond.

Business and Technical Strategy

Shortlist, appraise and select the most appropriate technologies for your business, always aligned precisely to your business goals.

Operational Excellence – Performance Improvement

Ensure that your transformative technology projects don't remain static on completion, but continue to enhance your business processes.

Turn theoretical benefits into tangible ones, and mass data into measurable analytics.


Stay up to date with company news, expert opinion and upcoming events.


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