Simoco Wireless Solutions has a strong track record of delivering business critical communications solutions for a range of organisations, through some of the most adverse conditions in the world. Simoco Telematics will help you manage your assets, giving you access to vital data that allows you to and make short and long term business decisions to drive productivity and adherence to compliance laws.

For organisations to maximise the benefits of telematics and positions themselves strategically for future development, everything from simple voice communications to advanced features such as application development and geo-tracking needs to be unified on converged communications infrastructures.

Simoco Telematics allows you to monitor all aspects of your fleet and asset portfolio with dynamic mapping, and long term data banking and analysis for short and long term improvements.

Machine to Machine communication cuts out unnecessary processes, streamlining workflow in ways that can be customised for your business. You can also analyse driver behaviour to promote positive trends and maximise safety and efficiency, removing guesswork from tasks such as selecting routes, and enables drivers and vehicles to work seamlessly together. All while ensuring you are compliant with pertinent regulations.

Simoco Telematics can be delivered over a robust and resilient DMR network or a cellular network, ensuring reliable communications and a tangible, measurable impact on the business bottom line.

System Features

Mapping Functions

Dynamic mapping allows a real time overview of the location of vehicles and assets, as well as traffic reports and road information, ensuring managers are always in the loop.

Management Features

Detailed information about asset status, battery level and driver status and location give you unparalleled insight into your fleet.

Activity Logs

Logging all activity lets you keep full and accurate records showing the performance of your drivers, and any difficulties they may be experiencing.


The opportunity to analyse large data sets pertaining to your business give you the facts that you need to make informed, timely decisions that can have a real effect on efficiency, and your bottom line.


Simoco Telematics delivers a clear visual reporting mechanism, freeing up management time for planning and decision making.

Vehicle Administration

Vehicle descriptors and for business and private modes lets you keep detailed records of each vehicle in your fleet.

Location Administration

The ability to define locations and location groups and configure icons provides a tailored service for your business.

User Access Administration

Configurable access by individual user and comprehensive access levels give you control over your fleet and staff, wherever they are.