Push to Talk Over Cellular

Facilitating group communications across a dispersed workforce is a key challenge for many organisations. How do you get the same message to multiple staff members, quickly and efficiently? How do you equip all staff members with appropriate communications devices, seamlessly and cost-effectively?

When you have an existing DMR communications solution, a lot of these problems are solved. But what do you do when some key stakeholder are outside the range of your DMR network?

The answer could be Push to Talk Over Cellular*, or POC technology.

What is Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC)?

Push to Talk Over Cellular is a wireless two-way communication technology, which complements a DMR radio network by maintaining a continuous, half-duplex active connection within or between groups of users.

In practice, this means that operatives can also use cellular phones to connect to your DMR network as well as radio devices. Our Push to Talk Over Cellular application, Simoco Push, allows each user to speak to members of their group simply by pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) key. Each user can participate in multiple different groups, which are simply set up via a web-based tool or the cellular phones themselves.

Why introduce Push to Talk over Cellular to your organisation?

POC technology combines the smooth operational advantages of half-duplex push-to-talk communications, where one party speaks as another listens, with the resistance to interference offered by cellular phones. Efficiency and reliability are combined in a single solution.

Because Push to Talk Over Cellular maintains a continuous active connection between users, callers do not need to dial numbers and receivers do not need to actively answer calls. A push of the button is all it takes for every member of the group to hear the caller. This means seamless integration between your DMR radio network and the Push to Talk app on your smartphone.

Push to Talk Over Cellular is especially useful for organisations that need wide geographical coverage, such as logistics firms with extensive fleets of vehicles, and those who have key stakeholders who do not have access to radio devices but need to communicate with users on the radio network. A desktop POC client can also be set up at a centralised office to act as a dispatcher, while multiple groups of users can be established within the fleet.

* Not for sale in the United States of America