Simoco Wireless Solutions is continuously developing new technologies and applications to keep customers at the forefront of unified communications.

This includes enabling connectivity and interoperability between different communication networks, such as Digital Mobile Radio, cellular devices and IP-based services.

Simoco helps organisations from a range of sectors, including supply chain management, utilities and the emergency services, to communicate reliably across vast areas, allowing secure communication for operatives and continuous monitoring of key assets.


Dispatch and AVL

A radio Dispatch solution in combination with AVL allows greater levels of control over call handling, data communications and real-time vehicle tracking.

Push to Talk over Cellular

Our Push to Talk over cellular app allows seamless integration between your DMR radio network and smartphone users.

Internet of Things

Adding internet connectivity to an existing radio network enables the use of IP-based applications and is the gateway to a truly unified communications infrastructure.


Simoco Telematics can help you build up data and analytics that can inform reactive decisions and long term business strategy.