Simoco Wireless Solutions is one of the world’s leading PMR providers

With unparalleled experience and outstanding expertise, we will help you harness the power of PMR.

Digital Mobile Radio

Reliable and resilient. Flexible and future-proofed. Find out why Simoco Wireless Solutions is a world leader in Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).


Industry-proven mobile communications for the public safety sector. Learn more about P25 from Simoco Wireless Solutions.


The background of radio communication worldwide. Simoco Wireless Solutions offers exceptional support – and a clear digital migration path.


Work with one of the world’s leading integrators of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) – we helped to develop the protocols that underpin critical communications.


Simultaneous radio transmission, or Simulcast systems, are ideal when you have a wide area to cover and a limited number of frequencies available.


Our PMR processin 3 steps

We follow a consult, build and operate methodology, to ensure the end-to-end implementation of a PMR solution that works for your unique needs.


We begin by finding out everything there is to know about your organisation, your workforce and your unique communications needs – so that we can design a bespoke PMR solution that is perfect for you.


Our skilled engineers undertake all aspects of the build process, ensuring that your PMR solution is fully integrated into all your existing technology.


We provide all of the training, technical support, monitoring and maintenance you need to keep your PMR solution running smoothly – you can pick and choose the exact elements you need.