The TSF2000 Series is the world's most advanced range of Base Stations for Analogue Communications Systems, manufactured in a super slim 1RU 19” chassis. The TSF2025 and 2100 are slim-line, cost-effective, high performance Base Stations for the 21st century with IP ready interfaces and comprehensive remote control facilities.

The TSF2000 series is based on the technology used in the well proven and popular SRM9000 Series of VHF and UHF Transceivers. These products are Digital Signal Processors (DSP) controlled, fully synthesized, frequency modulated, VHF/UHF Radios.

The TSF2000 series provides plug in replacement to many other manufacturer's Base Stations through the use of highly configurable I/O connectors and programming parameters.

Frequency Bands: E0: 66-88MHz AC:136-174MHz K1* 174-208MHz KM*: 208-245MHz R1:335-375MHz R3*:335-400MHz TU:400-480MHz UW:440-520 MHz * Subject to availability
Channel Spacing: 12.5kHz(11K0F3EJN), 20kHz(14K0F3EJN) or 25kHz (16K0F3EJN) selectable per channel
Modulation Freq: Freq. F3E (voice) pre-emphasised/flat, or FFSK data (1200 or 2400bps)
Stability: ± 2.0ppm
Temperature: -25C to +55C Operating (Full Spec.) -40C to +80C Storage
Inputs/Outputs: Engineer's handset (RJ45 – front panel) 2 x 2/4 wire line/audio interfaces (screw terminal) 2x line audio connections + E&M signalling (RJ45) Programmable facilities connector (37 way D-type) RS232 serial connection (9 way D) Ethernet IP interface (10base)
Supply Voltage: 10.8 to 16.2V DC negative earth (13.65V nominal)
Type Approval: CE Type approvals to R&TTE Directive 1999/05/EC: EN300-086 Radio, EN300-113 Data, EN301-489-05 EMC, EN300-219 Sig. EN60950 safety, TBR15 and 17-line, FCC and AS/NZ
Dimensions 44mm(1U) High x 437mm Wide x 450mm Deep (Excluding cables and ears) ~ (In Wall Mount) 125mm High x 465mm Wide x 470mm Deep
Power Requirement: -100V AC/230V AC Mains or 12V DC/24V DC (nominal) for 25W Additional 24V needed for 100W version
Weight: 6.95 kg
Transmit Power: 1W to 100W, selectable per channel
Tx Current Consumption: Typical: 25W:5.7A (20C; no Engineer’s Handset) Max: 25W:8.85A (fans & audio on max plus Engineer’s Handset)
Duty Cycle: 100%
Audio Distortion: <5% at 1kHz, 60% deviation
Audio Frequency Response: +1dB to – 3dB of pre-emphasised 300 to 3000Hz on 25kHz channel, 300 to 2550Hz on 12.5kHz channel
Intermodulation: >70dB attenuation (ETSI method)
Hum and noise: >40dB (12.5kHz), 45dB (25kHz)
Transmit Rise Time: <25mS
Sensitivity: Voice: ≥12dB SINAD for 0.3μVpd for 12.5kHz chan. Data: typical FFSK performance for <10-2 BER (<20%MER): 0.3μVpd – 1200 baud in 12.5kHz & 1200/2400 baud in 25 kHz, 0.5μVpd – 2400 baud in 12.5kHz channel. [Ref: EN300-113-1:9.1]
Rx Current Consumption: Typical: 1.0A (20C; no Engineers Handset) Max: 1.55A (fans & audio on max plus Engineers Handset)
Selectivity: >73dB (25kHz), >63dB (12.5kHz)
Intermodulation: >70dB attenuation (ETSI method)
Audio Response: ±3dB of de-emphasised 300Hz to 2.55kHz for 12.5kHz chan with CTCSS
Distortion: <5%
Blocking: >95dB at ±1MHz
Hum and noise: >40dB (12.5kHz