Simoco TRICX Tier III Dispatcher

The Simoco Xd TRICX Tier III Dispatcher is a feature rich integrated radio and telephone dispatching system for Simoco Xd DMR trunked systems. With increased reliability, it has been designed to offer high levels of redundancy and no single point of failure options.

It enables operators to manage all aspects of control room communications, not only handling radio voice and short data messages but also interfacing to a PBX with the facility to cross connect calls between users operating with different communications technologies.

The TRICX dispatcher can be deployed as a standalone single seat solution or as a client/server solution for larger, multi-seat dispatching requirements.

Power supply: 12 V DC 9 – 24 W
Dimensions: 19cm x 16cm x 4cm
CPU: 1.65 GHz 64 bit dual core
Storage: 250 GB HDD Compatible with 100mm and 75mm VESA Flat Display Mounting Interfaces
Interfaces Network: 1000 Base T Ethernet port
Headset 1 and 2: RJ8 socket
PTT footswitch 1 and 2: 2 pin socket
Loudspeaker: 3.5mm stereo socket
Power supply: 100 - 240 volts AC 50 - 60Hz
Dimensions: 1u 19” standard enclosure
Serial Interface: RS232
Typical number of radio ports: 1 to 2000
Typical number of telephony circuits: 1 to 2000 Operator intercom Conferencing radio/telephony & radio/radio patching
DMR AIS Tier III Line interface: 4wire 600 ohms
Line Level: 0 to -22dBm
Record Level: • -10dBm Interface to IP based Call Loggers • SIP extension and trunk interface • ISDN BRI Interface • E1/T1/J1 Interface • POTS FXS/FXO Interface
Line Signalling Standards: • Full M80 emulation Local or Tone Remote Control via user selectable key tone ETS 300-230 / BIIS1200 IP V4 RTP/RTCP (RFC1889) • Analogue outputs for local control of a directly connected base station • MAP 27 for MPT systems • TETRA PEI • Selcall 5/7 Tone signalling

TRICX Operator Features

  • Configurable screen layout
  • PC based operator console with built in audio interface
  • Cross channel connects
  • Telephone to radio connect
  • Instant replay recorder
  • Voice recorder interface
  • Web browser interface
  • Operator Intercom
  • Language tables

TRICX Server Features

  • Scalable, IP based architecture
  • Redundant switch option with hot standby facility
  • Centralised voice recorder interface1
  • Support for analogue signalling standards
  • Support for TETRA PEI
  • PABX interface1
  • Analogue radio gateway
  • Flexible configuration and easy expansion allows the solution to be tailored to users’ requirements
  • The PC based operator application supports touchscreen displays and screen layouts that can be custom designed to meet user requirements
  • Interface to industry leading voice recording solutions provides call records for analysis and system management
  • Support for multiple signalling standards allows cross technology operation and facilitates migration from analogue to digital
  • IP network connectivity and redundant switch option gives fault tolerance and high system availability
  • Integrated support for both analogue and digital telephone systems